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Aroma Jar | Bead Diffusers

Aroma Jar | Bead Diffusers

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Effortlessly add a refreshing aroma to a small space with our Aroma Jar Bead Diffusers. Perfect for cupboards, drawers, toilets, cars, caravans or any other compact area, these diffusers bring a touch of fragrance into your home ideal for those smaller spaces. Aroma Jars consist of fragrant beads with a holed lid which dissipates a subtle fragrance.

For a quick fragrance re-fresh cover holes on top and shake pot to loosen beads.

75g | Fragrance lasts 1-3 Months.

- Aroma Pots will arrive with a cardboard insert under lid which needs to be removed. Failure to remove this will cause it to disintegrate with time. This is purely used to keep beads in place during post.

- Contains Small parts, keep away from children and pets.

- Do not swallow beads.

- Do not touch beads with bare hands.

- Always keep upright.

- If any beads come loose from pot, throw away immediately.

- Do not leave beads directly in contact with surfaces.

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